I am a TreeSister because I choose...


white-handsTo be awake to the world; willing to face reality as it is, seeking truth with humility and listening for the clearest knowing within my heart and soul for how and who I can be on behalf of life


white-handsTo look for the magnificence of every woman I meet; opening my heart to move beyond judgment and comparison, to discover the 'more' that we can be through authentic togetherness


white-handsTo deepen my connection with nature; as the root of my own instinctual nature so that I can learn to feel and follow the voice, wisdom and cycles of my body as teacher and guide


white-handsTo live in ways that honour and restore the sacred abundance of all life; through the choices I make and actions I take, specifically restoring and protecting the global forest a little more every month by reallocating funds for tropical tree planting


white-handsTo unleash my courage, share my gifts, shine my light and direct my passion towards our emergence into a restorer species; I serve life by celebrating the true miracle of being alive


Do these seeds belong in your heart? If so, we invite you to join us. When you sign your name to these choices you will then be invited to make your monthly pledge for the trees. Giving monthly for the trees is literally part of the air that every treesister breathes.



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