Around the world, women are rising


Welcome to TreeSisters, and thank you for finding us! We hope this this is the start of a glorious shared journey of self discovery and audacious, love filled creativity on behalf of life. TreeSisters is an experiment that holds us all. May you find belonging, inspiration, courage, celebration and beauty within this sisterhood.

We find ourselves facing a planetary threshold that asks us to transcend our old known ways of being in order to rediscover ourselves. It's the greatest evolutionary gauntlet ever laid down for our species, and womankind has a crucial role to play.


Feminine consciousness, wisdom and leadership are vital ingredients in humanity's evolution into a Restorer Species and we all have a role to play. We're all discovering what becomes possible when we bring our hearts, creativity and generosity together on behalf of the trees.

Can we help reforest the tropics within 10 years? We think we can, we have a plan, and it involves you!



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