As more and more women ask to water TreeSisters through the giving of their gifts, we needed to come up with a name to honour this life giving generosity. 'WaterCarrier' is the name for the many of you who give of yourselves by fundraising in so many creative ways, through events you host, art and jewellery you sell, proportions of your merchandise or book sales, percentages of your business profits, or through gifts, grants and sponsorship you provide.

Your title reflects those who have gracefully done what's needed to sustain life; carrying the gift of water great distances on their heads to nourish their families. Here, you offer your gifts to water the tree of TreeSisters directly so that together we can serve women and nature to the best of our hearts and abilities, with all our gratitude.



Would you like to become a WaterCarrier or just know more about the partnership? Please click here. You will find both the form to apply and the details there. Thank you!

Meet our WaterCarriers:


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