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PGH has many facets to its planting, but the one that they asked us to support them with is the most costly and needed - ensuring that the agricultural culture of the state is not lost completely.

We are supporting the education of farmers to turn towards agro-forestry - were trees become an integral 'crop' in a poly-culture approach combining animals, crops and trees. In temperatures regularly over 40 degrees where rains fail and earth literally becomes as hard as concrete, trees provide shade, soil fertility, moisture and their own crops of seeds, nuts, fruit, medicines, herbicides, oils and those that can be grown on their frames - like peppercorns.

The added costs here are drip irrigation systems that are vital infrastructure without which the saplings and trees would not stand a chance. Steadily, we're helping to rehabilitate lands to stop the exodus from village to city and the decent into radical poverty, whilst bringing the trees and the streams back to those who depend upon them.


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