Blueprint of a Restorer Species

Welcome to the Blueprint of a Restorer Species, a powerful intuitive tool for rebalancing and restoring your relationship with Life. 

When we choose awareness, authentic togetherness, nature connection, ecological restoration and full self expression we activate a primal balancing flow of energy within ourselves that we call the Blueprint of Restorer Species. We invite you to explore the map with curiosity and an open heart of what becomes possible when you awaken to your own aliveness.

Audio Journey

Take a deeper dive into the map with this audio experience...

Taking this journey can change your whole perception of life by linking the feminine principle to both climate change and its healing. It's like sowing a seed into your body and heart that is designed to generate more soul based creativity and feminine wisdom.

You will need 5 cushions laid out in a circle so that when you lie down like a starfish, your hands, feet and head are each on a cushion (you can watch our instructional video here if you need further explanation).

Turn off your phone, relax, and discover...



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