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Being a treesister is a way of life. When we feel this deep in our bones, our lives naturally begin to change, in the choices that we make and the way that we decide to show up in the world. This behaviour changing work is core to  inspiring the reforestation revolution we stand for, and giving back to Nature as an expression of planetary care. On this page, you'll discover a variety ways that you can take action for the forests and the Earth, so that together, we can leave a legacy for future generations that we're proud of.

Become-a-Monthly-Member1. Make a monthly donation to the trees

There is a powerful solution to climate change ~ the radical reforestation of our planet. Join our grassroots network of women and help plant a billion trees a year in the tropics. Even £20 a month will plant over 70 trees each and every month, as well as supporting the lives of local tree planters and wildlife in meaningful ways:


Tree-Planting-Project-12. Plant a tree or start your own tree planting project

What becomes possible when each of us takes responsibility for helping to re-robe the planet in green? Starting your own planting project can be both a fun and meaningful way to be part of this reforestation revolution, while connecting intimately with the nature of the place in which you live. You can also invite other women to join you to make a bigger impact:


Togetherness3. Start a TreeSisters Grove

More than ever, Nature is calling for us to step into leadership and share our gifts on behalf of life, and as women we are most powerful when we join hands with each other. The Groves are women's circles where you can express your gifts and nurture yourselves through sisterhood. They are an invitation to move into sacred action for the Earth with the love, celebration, and support of your sisters:


WaterCarriers4. Become a WaterCarrier

Becoming a WaterCarrier is an invitation to water the root system of our global forests by giving a percentage of your business profits to TreeSisters. This kind of fundraising can express itself in so many creative ways, through events you host, art and jewelry you sell, proportions of your merchandise or book sales, percentages of your business profits, or through gifts, grants and sponsorship you provide.


Land-Ceremony5. Love your Land ceremony

Climate change and consumerism start to get really personal when we start seeing the natural places we love changing and hurting. It's happening more and more, and we need ways to feel and move through the grief, anger and loss, and bring healing to the land. A Love your Land ceremony is a way for you to honor, love, and respect the wild and wounded places of this world. It's also a great exercise to do with kids! Radical Joy for Hard Times is an organisation that is doing this work beautifully. You can download their handbook here:


Love-your-Forests6. Say no to deforestation & yes to sustainability

What if all the world's women said no to buying products that contribute to the mass destruction of our global forests? By consuming less of the top deforestation-consumables -- such as large-scale industrial agriculture, unsustainable palm oil, cattle farming, virgin paper and cardboard coffee mugs -- and buying responsibly sourced products, we can create a wave of love and care for our world's forests.


Carbon-Footprint7. Reduce your carbon footprint

We all know that trees take carbon out of the atmosphere, which makes it a powerful solution to climate change - but reducing our carbon emissions is equally vital. As homesteaders, we hold enormous power in the choices that we make every day. It's estimated that 17% of the global carbon emissions contributing to the global carbon pollution emissions come from our homes, and there ARE approximately 1 - 1.5 billion households in the world. You can start tracking and reducing your carbon emissions with our partner 1 Million Women:


Love-Walk8. Take the Love Walk

A wonderful way to spread the word about TreeSisters is to take a 'love walk' with a friend or group of friends. We have created little Love Cards that are simply giveaway offerings that serve also as intro's to TreeSisters. You simply walk along the street with a little pot of cards inviting women to put their hands in and take one. If they do, you can then ask them if they'd like to be part of a women's movement planting a billion trees a year by joining us as a treesister! (www.treesisters.org/join)

This is a conscious act of Love - holding what you love about TreeSisters in your heart, appreciating every woman you see whether they want a Love Card or not, and sharing what you love about TreeSisters if asked, without any push, just a clean invitation to join in. To do the love walk, please download the following images. You can print them on websites like Moo.com or Vista Print on recycled paper, and you can mix and match the fronts and backs as you wish:


Intimacy9. Activate yourself writing exercise

When you sit and watch what's going on in the world and what's happening to our environment, it can feel completely bewildering to know what to do. But here's the thing ~ has there ever been a more powerful time to be alive? This beautiful exercise created by Michael Dowd will help you to match what you love to do with what our world needs:


Ecosia210. Shift from Google to Ecosia

Even how we browse the internet can plant more trees. Ecosia is an alternative to Google who plant trees through their ads revenues. They also partner with our one of our planting partners Eden in Madagascar where they fund dry deciduous tropical tree planting. So if you'd like to make a difference with a click, this is an easy shift and adjustment that restores more forest.



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