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In 2005, recently divorced and laid-off, I had a powerful dream. Walking through a countryside, I encountered rolling hills that were dotted with trees and abandoned car parts. Hoods, hub cabs, and steering wheels were strewn about. It was as if the idea of speeding around was abandoned for a slower pace. As I had that thought, my eye was attracted to something moving in the distance. The movement got closer and a form began to take shape. A horse came into view. One horse became a dozen horses galloping across the field of car parts. As they continued to approach, I noticed that these weren't ordinary horses. Each of them was joyfully galloping with a carousel pole protruding from their middles. I awoke feeling free. If carousel horses could break away from their endless circle, couldn't I?

From 1995-2005, I suffered from acute anxiety and panic attacks. Just the thought of going out in public alone caused terror. At one point, the fear of walking down the streets of Minneapolis alone caused me to quit a job. But I was worn out from this way of life and I was ready to break free.

Over the next twelve years, I took my first solo-trip to Seattle, returned to school, traveled to Japan for a philosophy class, moved multiple times, graduated from college, traveled much of the U.S., and taught English as a Second Language to adults who'd recently arrived from refugee camps.

sara blog grove 4Having experiences with different cultures got me questioning my own cultural heritage. I started getting curious about U.S. American culture and, more specifically, White U.S. American culture. To be honest, the more questions I asked, the more disturbed I became. I started to see the power I had been given for no reason other than my skin color and I began to consider what I was going to do with that power...once I accepted it. I decided to start my journey toward owning my power by contributing to a cause that aligned with my values. I chose TreeSisters because of its focus on creating new life.

I also decided that part of recovering my power was going to require a new connection to my ancestral roots. I wanted to redefine my own cultural identity within U.S. American culture and avoid cultural appropriation as I searched for what felt more fulfilling. With these two intentions in mind, during one of Clare's Full Moon Call meditations, I saw a very clear picture of myself traveling to the countries of my ancestors and connecting with women who were also interested in nurturing our planet through a love of trees.

Several months later, I had made connections with four TreeSisters in the U.K. who were willing to host me and share their stories. The willingness of these women to accept me into their hearts and homes broke through another layer of anxiety I was still holding onto and I began to feel a connection to women I had never met. Visiting them allowed me to trust more deeply and open my heart more fully. These women helped me to begin growing deeper roots, while expanding in ways previously unimagined.

My first stay was in Cornwall, with Sara McFadzean. My stay with Sara taught me that we are always exactly where we need to be.
From the very first email, Sara exuded generosity. Learning about her family and her contributions to the world solidified her commitment to this value. As I spent the first few days in Cornwall, I was overwhelmed by the realization that there's a whole network of women around the world that have an interest in providing spaces for others to grow and ground themselves. I also realized that there was so much I could say about Sara...what she does/has done, who she cares for, her accomplishments, her fears, etc.

Sara Blog Grove 3Of course she's a mother who fiercely protects her children. Of course she's worked in the areas of human rights and ecological concerns in her local community. Of course she shares the fables of her Cornish culture through storytelling and dance. Of course she holds a women's circle that focuses on the "in-breath" aspects through meditation, personal growth, and building community. Of course she took me on a road trip around Cornwall so that I could see where my ancestors lived. She does all of this, motivated by generosity, loyalty, passion, and adventure.

These values are what guide her "doings" and her relationships. These values are what inspired her to give me gifts to pass on to the next TreeSister, what have attracted circle members and what will attract new members to her growing TreeSisters' Grove, and what helped me feel comfortable and connected in a place so far from home.

In Sara's words, her Grove's purpose is "to be open and loving with women who are also so. To enjoy the sense of belonging that being part of mother nature gives us with every breath. To dance in the wildness of all her landscapes and to be grateful."

Sara and I danced across the Cornish landscapes in her camper van. We saw the Merry Maidens stone circle, we visited the Mermaid's Chair in Zennor, we explored the Eden Projects, we discovered Lamorna's Cove, and we experienced a deep knowing of we are always exactly where we are supposed to be.

Sara Blog Grove 1As we were on one of Sara's "mommy adventures," driving around without a concrete plan, taking unfamiliar roads and paths less traveled, Sara suddenly stopped her van. "Do you like horses?"

Sara's Women's Circle meets during the New Moon. If you're in or near Cornwall and are looking for a generous leader who brings women together in a beautiful space, I highly recommend connecting with the "Dancing daughters of gaia" by emailing Sara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a tender please go here or join us on our Nest community here.

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Kristin PerryKristin PerryKristin Perry

Kristin Perry is discovering purpose and the Divine through mindfulness coaching, teaching and course design, tree photography, traveling, and storytelling. Get curious with her on Instagram @ instagram.com/presenttobeauty







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