Where does a man’s love stand in a Woman’s world?


Where does a man's love stand in a Woman's world?
Clearly at Her feet
And that is what a real man must bow down to
If he so truly and dearly loves the Woman
For in Her role as Earth
Woman has gladly received the beatings of our soles
Of both man and woman She bears and bore

Giving Her all to allow us to live
Then why the shame in bowing down before The Giver?
For to receive
You must lower your hands
And the hands that give
Deserve to be served.

You ask wouldn't that then be the defeat of man?
I ask when has man ever won?
And when has Woman ever lost?
If we rise by lifting others
The Earth below our feet has been keeping us lifted...
Lifted ever since time began...
Thus She has always stood risen...
Risen above us all...
It is only the fool who thinks otherwise
Giving in to the ignorance of the shallow sight
When at Her feet lies our bliss
Why fear?
Where is the loss?
When the Giver and the seeker both lose to Harmony.


SoumitraSoumitra Subinaya is a legal professional in India who has experienced that narratives can change destinies, just like two narratives changed his: "Liaofan's Four Lessons" by Yuan Liaofan and "The Heart of The Labyrinth" by Nicole Schwab.

Belonging to a family lineage of tree-devotees and tree-healers, and a part of Treesisters' informal "Treebrothers' Wing", Soumitra has interest and practice in areas of integrating narrative medicine, herbalism, mediation (in family disputes) and environmental law jurisprudence. He completed B.A., LL.B. from National Law University Odisha. 

As a "Creative and Contemplative Thought Artist", he is always on the lookout for imparting therapeutic education by means of practicing law, singing, acting, narrative medicine, teaching and so on. His latest social enterprise is on www.harmonynegotiators.ga

He has written a book titled "The Feelings of My Heart" from which he is fundraising in aid of TreeSisters. 




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