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At last :-)
I've discovered that learning curves can be graceful, gorgeous, loving and easy - whilst staying powerful and transformative. Amazing. I am so very, very grateful. I had to fund-raise and network in real time. I had to run workshops that I'd never run before, without knowing numbers in advance, or if men would come (and many did) I had to co-facilitate with people I'd never facilitated with before, and had never even met in person until right before. I had to step out front again, but not virtually this time - right out front - which for an introvert is muscle growing breath by breath.

And it was beautiful. All of it. Every moment was filled with grace. Each of multiple learning curves arrived like a stroke on the cheek, rather than a wallop in the face and I'm still quietly stunned. Having prepared like mad, I feel like the whole team found that TreeSisters' vibrational frequency simply matched a particular quality of experience - which was then all that could happen, for all of us.

Bioneers is the creation of Nina Simons and Kenny Ausubel - an ecological and social justice conference in its 25th year and about to go global itself. I sat weeping through the opening speeches as the vital role of women and the personal and collective impacts of the suppression of the feminine were voiced overtly again and again. There simply couldn't have been a more receptive audience to what we bring.

The Map of 5 Choices (1) I was interviewed several time - one of them for Bioneers - pieces that they will air summer through autumn of next year. I wept through chunks of it, raved about the feminine wisdom teachings of menstruality as a crucial missing facet of global consciousness, discussed the map - got to generally be as much of myself as I could bring because it's all they want. Such a relief. :-)

The workshops I ran were powerful and different. The first one I co-facilitated with Nina Simons and Nikki Silvestri - SUCH an amazing experience, oh my god, and such a privilege.

We embodied the whole healthy map of balanced masculine and feminine to make that the new norm. We then split into the current patriarchal disconnect of now to make the current norm feel abnormal. Then we reinstated the feminine - left side of the map standing - connected and plugged back into nature as the root of our intelligence, the right side(the masc) on their knees and bowing to the feminine (standing) as the root of the wisdom upon which they could then act. 'This' is what it could feel like - should feel like - will feel like - when we reinstate the feminine. I wanted that new true North anchored in our collective and individual bodies. So we did.

Sooo much emotion from both men and women - tears and joy. So much integration, amazement and reorientation. We were full to capacity, literally no more people could come in. Couldn't have gone better if it tried. What a relief! shadow mapThe second workshop I experimented with setting up the whole map again as a collective gestalt around the longing to thrive - and then swapped the centre of our longing from life and nature, to money - to see what would happen.

As suspected, union turned to separation and competition, intimacy and connection turned to disconnection and helplessness, responsibility became lost, courage turned to fear and status, consideration and leadership turned to carelessness. It took moments to expose the shadows that keep all of us locked into the state - simply by highlighting the power of our unconscious collusion to a system that overrides life as a norm and values short term financial gain over long term sustainability.

We will thrive, when we make it the fundamental prerogative of our species - on behalf of the thriving of all species - as part of an interconnected living breathing planetary ecosystem. So again to complete, we reinstated the feminine and bowed to that deep well of sacred knowing as the root of our collective health as one facet of life on Earth. One day I will be doing that process with whole auditoriums.

Paul Hawken came to that workshop (a long time hero of mine - writer of Blessed Unrest amongst other greats and founder of Project Draw Down - check it out) no pressure then! I didn't freak out:-) I'm quietly thrilled to say that Paul is fast becoming a friend and supporter of TreeSisters now that his own data through Draw Down is showing the vital role that tropical reforestation needs to play in the ecological re-balancing and healing of our world. He gets it and he gets us.

One way or another we will do this thing. So, I left Bioneers full of new connections, experience and friends - openings to potential funding, support and data - with my own deep integration of teaching in ways that literally alchemize imbalance into balance. I've been woven more deeply into the love affair that is the TreeSisters team when we're together and not just virtual - including Cindy, Teresa and Lori who showed up to support us and the bigger circle of TreeSisters who kept showing up out of nowhere and introducing themselves.

I'm forever changed. That was a game changer. Suddenly everything feels possible, and my most profound gratitude goes out to Nina Simons who embraced me into her tribe and to Polly Howells who made that introduction. Nina, Kenny, Polly, Paul - and so many other outstanding change makers and planet shakers, you rock my world. Thank you for embracing us.

By Clare Dubois

Tree Rings by Joey Kyber

clare pic June 2017Clare Dubois isthe Founder of TreeSisters. Clare is an Earth loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who worked internationally for 18 years facilitating groups, coaching business leaders and creating behaviour change processes within the personal growth sector. Clare is leading the TreeSisters campaign; focusing on network development and the empowerment of women. She has been developing the ethos and principles, the team and organisational culture, the campaign strategy, the framework of the Maps and behaviour change materials. She is committed to the creation of an evolving system that learns as it goes and continually models itself upon the flows and forms of living systems.




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