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Dear Treesisters,

In this month's newsletter, we're excited to share with you:

  •  A special invitation to Sing for the Trees with us on International Women's Day
  • A call to bring your voice to our 'feminine response to climate change'
  • An in depth look at planting in Nepal
  • Our new Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth interview series (starting with Grandmother Flordemayo)
  • A gathering for our first Groves Call of the year
  • A clarion call to volunteer with us
  • Our February Full Moon Call
  • Your invitation to register for WomanFest 2019

For those we adore

As we journey through the start of the year together, we bow deeply to the mystery that surrounds us. We do this with immense love for those we adore - our families, the trees and our beautiful planet. This month, we take a detailed look at our Nepal Planting Project with Eden Reforestation, explore the grace and grit that arises naturally in circle together, and invite you to sing with us for the trees!


A big question we are holding amidst the increasing climate chaos around the world is 'what is a feminine response to climate change?' What message or call might touch women deeply enough to inspire them into action? A post inviting you to share your Feminine Response To Climate Change is in our growing online community, the Nest. If you have not yet joined the Nest, you will need to do so to access the post!

Once you have joined, simply put my name (Clare Dubois) in the search box and my post should magically appear! If you have already joined, click on this link to find your way in and bring your voice.


Sing for the Trees

So far, over 200 coordinators around the world have stepped up to lead events for our International Women's Day in-breath activity. We'd love to share an inspired song written by our very own Sara Emilie Rushworth (our Operations Manager) that speaks beautifully to this invitation. Click the video link below to hear her lovely voice. If you'd love to coordinate an event in your area, come and join us in the Nest here to find out more.


Feb2019 TreeStory
Feb2019 WomenStory2


Terai Forest Restoration

Our Nepal Planting Project that is bringing back endangered species and changing lives.

Read More                                                                                                                                                                                              

Alchemising Grace from Grit

Exploring some of the challenging aspects of a Grove, and how to solve them.




Will you volunteer with TreeSisters?

Our organisation is exceptionally fortunate to have an amazing, much-valued group of volunteers from across the world who support our mission. As our work continues to gain momentum, we would love to invite more of our network to help us make our goals a reality. We can only do this together, through combined gifts, generosity and skills. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with TreeSisters, please read our latest blog on current opportunities here.


Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth Series

Please join us for the first in our new series: Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth. As part of TreeSisters' effort to help people everywhere reconnect with our planet, we turn to those who have lived in harmony with the land and can offer us wisdom on how to share that sacred bond. We are very fortunate to have Grandmother Flordemayo as our first guest. Please join us on February 12th as she shares a transmission of Spirit with us that will help you connect to the planet and your Divine Feminine nature. Please sign up to join the mailing list for this and future calls.



~ Feb 5th - Groves Call on New Moon, Gathering into Circle
~ Feb 5th - Reclaim Your Menstrual Cycle, Reclaim Your Feminine Path to Power with Red School introductory call
~ Feb 12th - New Series Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth, first episode Grandmother Flordemayo
~ Feb 17th - Clare speaks at Earth Spirit Telesummit. TreeSisters, Wild Power and the Role of the Sacred Feminine
~ Feb 18th to 23rd - Clare speaks at Fearless Female Entrepreneurs
~ Feb 19th - February Full Moon Call, Quickening Moon
~ Open now - Registration for WomanFest, the first women only festival in the UK - 50% of all profits from WomanFest in 2019 go to reforestation
~ Mar 8th and 9th - International Women's Day Campaign, Sing for the Trees

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Thank you for being part of our community!

In sisterhood and for the trees,
Clare and the TreeSisters team

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