2018 Spring Organisational Impacts


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2018 Spring Organisational Impacts

This report is taken from our Spring Seasonal Impact Report for 2018. If you wish to view the entire Report please visit: http://bit.ly/TreeSistersSpringImpactReport

A Closer Look at Our Work in Cameroon with International Tree Foundation

earth green marker 1ITF image for Spring Impact CameroonTreeSisters is contributing to the establishment of the Biodiversity Reserve of about 6,000 hectares in order to protect Mount Bamboutos's exceptional biodiversity and critically endangered Gorillas. We are currently funding 2 million trees per year through our membership - as at March this was 3,319 women and men across 32 countries.

Mountain Marker 2While the project launch has been postponed for security reasons to the end of June, the project has started: teams have already been mobilized on the ground, seeds have been purchased and sensitization work has started. The project recreates a forest landscape within the highly populated and damaged Mount Bamboutos range and we are supporting the restoration of its South West region.


bee marker 3Cross Mtn GorillaInternational Tree Foundation, our reforestation partner, is restoring a mosaic of natural and semi-natural forests, as well as tree-based systems, interspersed with existing agriculture and settlements.

We are supporting Mt. Bamboutos with tree species as in the Cameroon Highlands forest, the restoration of degraded lands and the establishment of a Community Forest.

These actions will help to prevent further encroachment into the remaining natural forests of the Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

We are also supporting the integration of trees on farmers' lands for more sustainable livelihoods. We are indirectly supporting the conservation of 20-30 Cross River Gorillas inhabiting the Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. The Community Forests will prevent further encroachment into the remaining natural forests of the Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and a nearby, vast "intact forest landscape".

people marker 4Lauriane our Reforestation Director traveled to Kenya to meet and work with our partner International Tree Foundation (ITF) to deepen the relationship and to gain a better grasp of the project. The project benefits from and supports several complimentary private, public and social initiatives. The project is helping rural women making savings so that they are able to invest in their respective 'table banking' groups to improve their future. The trip was organised to verify the announced restoration interventions and practices. The project has only been running for 1 ½ years but our restoration sites are gradually filling up with Meru Oaks, Podocarpus, etc. The project is supported by an amazing network of community groups, (primarily women's groups), providing the project with tree seedlings. The local implementing NGOs are doing an amazing job training them and strengthening the groups.

heart marker 5Lauriane in Kenya Africa 2018Lauriane's trip was an opportunity to work with ITF on strengthening the monitoring and reporting systems at the site. This will enable both TreeSisters and ITF to better track the forest restoration progress and understand all of the environmental and socio-economic impacts.

hand marker 6We are successfully integrating biomimicry through the replication of the forest floor as the basis for network growth, relationship, and partnership development. The wisdom of the forest floor highlights mutual leadership, ownership and support, unconditional generosity, co-creativity and the ethos of 'raising each other up' to embody the fullest expression of self, sister, and nature.

Consciousness Shift and The Inner Journey

leaf marker 7SunWe have started exploring the measurables of tracking 'consciousness shift' more on that to come... what is becoming clear to us is that the participation of the network in our women's empowerment materials is life-changing for the women taking part:

~This last six months we have been dropping more deeply into the inner journey material taking the journey from #Reveal to #Belong. We are understanding how at each place in the map we can experience ourselves more fully and relate that to our relationship to nature.

~The current Inner Journey group participants come from over 74 countries worldwide. Amongst the 74 countries participating 5% came from countries other than Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, United States etc, and included women from Uganda, Pakistan, Zaire and Ghana amongst others. This group has grown since its birth in October 2017 and is now inspiring and supporting 3,510 women worldwide.

big heart marker 8Choir~Through our Inner Journey program, Treesister Liz Terry was inspired to start 'She Sings', a cross-generational flashmob in the streets of Stroud, UK on International Women's Day. Over 100 women and girls of all ages showed up to sing and dance while raising thousands in funds for the forests. This event will most likely turn into a cross-regional event next year.

Marker 9 purple~Multiple women are reporting that they are now doing things that they would never have dreamt possible (standing up for their land, creating community gatherings for song, activism, conservation, awareness raising and also writing, publishing, designing etc) but can now do so because they have '3000 women standing right behind them, holding their backs.' Feminine Nature Based Leadership' is thriving and growing week by week within the network. Some examples in this report for you to enjoy...

Uganda~ In Uganda one of our TreeSisters Groves has independently raised 50,000 trees in their nursery for distribution and is supporting women at risk due through their Gender Park project.

maker 10~ We are working on the volunteer culture within TreeSisters as more and more women are stepping forward to find and take their place within the ecosystem. This will roll out in its fullness in the next quarter.

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