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FB header Wild HopeInside you,

In the places where whispers carry memories
Where you hold your breath, turn away
And believe yourself less,
There is a truth.
A truth as gentle as a melody,
As limitless as the sky,
As honest as a mountain lake,
No push, no need to try,
A truth that shimmers with the light of you,
The bright of you
The irrepressible delight of you,
The take my breath away flight of you,
The I will not go silently into the night of you,
The 'Oh my God', just feel the might of you,
The break me wide open sight of you,
When at last you have embraced all of you,
Accepted the day and night of you,
The luminescent, spontaneous grace of you,
I want you to know I'm in awe of you
All of you,
every microcosmic,
wild orgasmic inch of you
Every wild unfettered gesture of alive of you
Thank you
Thank you
For you.

~ Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

When you look at what's happening in the world, it's easy to feel completely overwhelmed. But has there ever been a more powerful time to be alive? We have an amazing capacity to love, amazing gifts to give, and together we can realize any dream and overcome any challenge.

That's why we are thrilled to invite you to gather with us for our upcoming Wild Hope for a New Humanity interview series, starting tomorrow Tuesday 24th October to kick off our Journey to a Billion Trees Campaign.

In this series, TreeSisters Founder, Clare Dubois, will be in conversation with a circle of global leaders to explore how trees can heal us, the miraculous evolution of Gaia and how to embrace the forest heart of the world...


The Wild Hope for a New Humanity series will feature:

Tues 24th Oct - Pat McCabe
Dine' Navajo Grandmother, Artist, Activist and Ceremonial Leader
Her interview is titledWoman Stands Shining.

Weds 25th Oct - Diana Beresford Kroeger
Author, Medical Biochemist, Botanist, One of World's Leading Experts on Trees
Her interview is titled How Trees Can Heal Us.

Thurs 26th Oct - Sister Zeph
Teacher, Women's Activist, and Philanthropist
Her interview is titled The Lioness Rises with Love.

Fri 27th Oct - Elisabet Sahtouris
Internationally Known Evolution Biologist and Futurist
Her interview is titled The Miraculous Evolution of Gaia.

Sat 28th Oct - Lynne Twist and Atossa Soltani
Lynne Twist author of The Soul Of Money and Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance with Atossa Soltani Founder and Board President of Amazon Watch.
Their interview is titled Embracing the Forest Heart of the World.

All the conversations will happen at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK, and you can find all the call-in details and recordings here: https://billiontrees.me/wild-hope

(If you'd like to register to receive daily reminders of each interview, you can do that here: https://billiontrees.me/treesisters-inner-journey-of-awakening/)

In Sisterhood, For The Trees,
Sophie and the TreeSisters Team


Embody - Debra Bernier


 Photograph and art by Artist Partner Debra Bernier





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