A Call to Sisterhood




Clare Dubois, Claire Greenfelder and Natalie Issacs

And then they simply stood up and started marching together,
in their millions.
The new story that was longing to be written,
found itself arising through the hearts of women everywhere
and singing itself into being.
~ Clare Dubois

Dear Treesister,

What's possible when women step into feminine leadership? This is a question we hold in our hearts at TreeSisters - and our hearts just burst open.
On Saturday, we saw the reality of women rising up together, each in their own leadership about what matters to them. What a moment for women! The world just changed.
In cities on every continent, hope and activism has shown its face and its heart to the world. Simply put - it's time for something else now and we're the ones who get to be the change.
Kenya, Sophie and I all marched in our closest cities and felt firsthand the up-swelling of love, collective pride in shared values and above all the extraordinary inclusiveness that is so typical of women and feminine consciousness. This was not just our march but a march for the planet and ALL people - every colour, creed, sexual orientation, every denomination - this was a refusal for anyone to be left out, disrespected or demeaned.


Women's March in California, USA

Love in action

This was love in action - a growing wave of recognition that real leadership comes from within each and every one of us. Media have been questioning whether this was 'a moment not a movement' but for anyone who actively participated and everyone who is co-creating this women's movement, we all felt the sheer volume of the groundswell. This is only going to grow from here and TreeSisters is part of that.


Women's March in London, England

The momentum is contagious...

For any of you that have not been seeing the staggering images from all around the world - it is REALLY worth looking and feeling the scale of this, because the momentum is contagious - and it needs to be, because what lies ahead needs all of us. It's a moment for each and every one of us to ask ourselves, "What matters to me?"

If you want to plug directly into what the Sister Marches are doing - then you can step into their 10 actions in 100 days here. It highlighted as well the time for all the women's organisations out there to be converging together to share resources and we're stepping into that strongly this year. As a total surprise gift, amidst at least half a million people in San Francisco, Natalie Isaacs of Australia's 1 Million Women found me, and we are both very clear that we're entering a new phase that asks for new levels of co-creation and collaboration and we're both so looking forward to exploring that.

                                                                 Women's March in Colorado, USA

Stepping up on behalf of life...

And - the timing of this ground swell is incredible for us as we look towards our next campaign in autumn for 1 Million trees per month - it needs to feel possible and after this, it really does.

We need everyone stepping up on behalf of life to protect the forest and safeguard life for our children and so we'll keep asking and inviting and calling you all.

Please make a stand for the trees and become a treesister today.


With all the joy and hope in our hearts, we would love to invite you more deeply into this sisterhood and discover what we are capable of creating together. Thank you for being with us!

Wow. Let's see where we go from here.

With so much gratitude for this great turning.

For the trees,

Clare and the TreeSisters team


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