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Something becomes possible when women gather consciously in deep presence with each other.
We move from a state of emergency into emergence...
From limitation into infinite possibility...
From confusion and disillusion into deep intuitive knowing...
We remember our true nature... of who we are and why we're here.
~ Clare Dubois

Dear Treesister,

Thank you for the most stunning year ever within TreeSisters. With your support, we've made a quantum leap that is literally changing lives and lands, and we're already laying the foundations for another giant leap 12 times as momentous next year as we aim for the 1 million trees a month. Life is precious beyond words and together we are serving it so heartfully. Thank you!

In these tumultuous times, we're thrilled to share some good news with you about the 21,913 (of the 110,000) trees we have just funded on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Below you can read a story about Esther, one of the farmers who is tending to the trees, and whose life is being regenerated along with the land, thanks to our network of treesisters.

In this update, we'll also share an invitation to January's free Full Moon online retreat ~ Letting Go to Grow. Every full moon TreeSisters' Founder Clare Dubois guides a virtual circle of hundreds of women through deeply meditative journeys into togetherness. These free events are our an invitation to you, to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth.

For our members, we'll also like to share an invitation to this month's New Moon Call ~ Meeting the Wise Woman of Your Soul, part one in Edveeje's Winter Series: The Wise Woman & the Summons to Rest. This series is our gift to our members, to say thank you for stepping into this sisterhood and for making the trees part of the air that you breathe. If you're not a member yet, you can learn about becoming a treesister and all of the benefits here.

And lastly, if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for a tree-loving friend or family member, we will share how you how you can give the gift of trees to protect endangered species in Brazil, restore mangrove forests in Madagascar, replenish the watershed of Mt Kenya and rescue agricultural lands in India.

Happy holidays and warm Winter wishes from us all!
For the Trees,
Clare and the TreeSisters Team


How Your Trees Will Regenerate Lands and Lives in Kenya

Mount Kenya's forests are vital - for wildlife, for freshwater resources, and for the materials they provide to local people. Even today, Kenya's rural communities are heavily dependent on forests for their livelihoods. Local people recognise that the forests need to be protected - but they also contribute to the damage, not out of choice but because they have to.

Only 7% of Kenya is covered by trees which equates to 67 trees per person compared to a global average of 420. It's one of the countries most affected by deforestation in Africa.

But thanks to contributions from our amazing members, last month we funded 21,913 trees to be planted by our Kenyan tree-planting partners, International Tree Foundation. These trees will conserve Kenya's highland forests, which are known as 'Water Towers' for the vital role they play in conserving the country's rivers, lakes and drinking water. People like Esther Nyaga are helping to make this happen.


Meet Esther

Esther Nyaga is a 47-year-old farmer with two children. She owns half an acre of land in Kanja village, Embu County. Her land is largely dedicated to growing tea, a profitable crop she can sell to support herself and her family.

Esther knows the forest is important to her life, and she is one of the most experienced people in Kanja village when it comes to raising and planting trees for the International Tree Foundation. For farmers like Esther, planting trees doesn't just provide fuel and animal fodder. Different species can provide a whole variety of benefits - nitrogen fixing for soil improvement, nutritious fruits such as mango and avocado, shade, timber, and medicinal uses. They also grow native species to help restore the forest edge.

Esther is completely self-taught at tree planting, and embodies the principles of feminine leadership by advising and activating others in her community to plant trees, no matter how much land they own. Even though Esther's farm is only half an acre, she always finds a way to plant more trees.

You can read more about this project here:


Letting Go to Grow


We invite you to join Clare for a nurturing and deeply meditative virtual journeys into connection next month. The retreat is the third in Clare's 'Letting Go' series and will explore "Letting Go to Grow".

As we build the muscles of allowing and connecting to our hearts as gateways into the immensity of our own selves as parts of creation, we can start to turn our attention to what is ready to grow.

This may well still be latent and below ground, but conscious nurturance and attention to what our souls hold ready for us can serve the steady and seamless emergence of new shoots into the landscapes of our lives.

Wednesday 11th January

11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK

You can join in online or on the phone.

Meeting the Wise Woman of Your Soul


The Wise Woman & the Summons to Rest ~ Winter Series

Thursday 29th December

11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK

You can join in online or on the phone

The Wise Woman is the second guide in the journey through our wombscapes. She knows most modern women are exhausted, overwhelmed, busy, and therefore often sick, depressed, and fatigued. In this series, you are invited to journey into the wisdom of your wombscapes and listen to what your inner wise women council has to say about your soul calling, your deepest dreams, and your longing to become more fully the woman you know you were always destined to be. Come join us by becoming a treesister...



Giving the Gift of Trees

This holiday season, would you like to be part of the TreeSisters reforestation revolution? When you give the gift of trees you are directly supporting:

~ Forest corridors to protect endangered species in Brazil,

~ Mangrove forests that cleanse the oceans in Madagascar,

~ Tropical forests that replenishing the watershed of Mt Kenya, and evergreen forests that rescue agricultural lands in India.

How Can I Give the Gift of Trees?

If you would like to make a Gift donation, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of your gift recipient and their email address so we may send them a gift email acknowledging your gift. You may select to give a one time gift or a membership gift.

We aim to help reforest the tropics within ten years by calling forth the unique gifts, generosity and leadership of women everywhere and focusing it towards that goal.

Feminine consciousness is the vital ingredient in humanity's evolution into a protector species on behalf of all life. If you know this to be true - then we invite you to step in and belong...

You can find out more here:

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