Million Trees Campaign Update #1


Million Trees Campaign

What could be more needed
than millions of heart centered women
offering their gifts in service
to the one who Mothers us all?

Thank you so much for all your support of our Million Trees Campaign so far! We are thrilled to share our first update:

~ 657 of 2500 treesisters

~ This will fund 21,365 trees funded per month and rising...

~ We are 21% of the way to our goal of 2500 women funding 100,000 trees each month.

We deeply appreciate your part in making this happen!

What is the Million Trees Campaign?

This month we are calling in 2,500 treesisters each giving £10 or more each month - which will fund 100,000 trees a month, over oneMillion Trees within one year.

We believe women across the globe are dreaming the same dream: a thriving planet re-robed in green. It's time to stand as creatresses, as weavers of what's possible, as seeders of a future that we're choosing, moment by moment and heart by heart.

How Can I Join In?

1. Become a treesister:

Anchor care of life into your way of life by funding tropical reforestation every month to rebalance giving back through trees ~ You can become a treesister here.

2. Spread the Word:

Gather the women with us by inviting your global sisters to become treesisters.

Every time you share this campaign with a friend, or with your community, you help to seed this movement. Thank you SO much for sharing it:

~ Share it on Facebook

~ Email it to five friends

~ Tweet about it

Invite your friends to sign up to our campaign at

We've made this super easy for you by creating a Sharing Toolkitwith everything you need to tell your friends about the campaign. You can find it here >>

We thank you, we celebrate you, we kiss your feet and shower you with rose petals in the midst of our collective Forest of Dreams. May all our dreams be answered with a flood of women taking action to re-robe our planet in green.

For the trees,

Clare, Sophie, Edveeje, Amrita and the TreeSisters Team


What does it mean to become a treesister?

When you become a TreeSister, you are stepping forward to help birth a global movement. Your contribution will fund tropical reforestation each month, while you receive offerings that will empower your feminine nature-based leadership.

You will receive access to our beautiful membership website with content that will awaken your wild feminine nature.

- Support to create your own TreeSisters Grove, where you can connect with local treesisters to reforest your local area

- Members only access to live New Moon Online Retreats with Edveeje

- Seasonal Online Retreats: four times a year we invite you to join us for embodied seasonal meditation explorations

- 50% discounts on our Femmiversity online courses that will sink deep into your bones

You will plant:

Contribute £10 / $13 = 40 trees per month

Contribute £20 / $26 = 80 trees per month

Contribute £50 / $65 = 200 trees per month

Thank you so much for being with us. 


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