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This blog is all about HOW you can take action with us to make a difference for the WECAN (Women's Earth and Climate Action Network) Climate Justice Day of Action on the 29th of September. TreeSisters Team WECAN The TreeSisters team is proudly uploading our pictures to their action portal - will you join us? You can submit a photo/video/statement to the action portal here and then forward it to all your friends! It would be great if you can add the link because they want to show how many networks are involved. Then we're going to figure out what to do next. Women around the world are taking action to show resistance to environmental and social degradation, call for real action from world governments at COP21 climate negotiations, and bring to light the climate harms that our communities are facing and the just solutions that we offer. All info on how to participate is available on the @Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network webpage and we've added much of it here so that you can see what appeals. 

  • Take a photo of yourself or a group holding up signs with a message about the climate impacts your community is facing, your solutions, a message to world governments, a reflection on why women are key to climate solutions, or another climate related statement that resonates with you. Some examples include: “Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground”, "No Climate Justice, Without Gender Justice", “Water is Life”, “Climate Justice Now”, “Women for 100% Renewable Energy”, “System Change, Not Climate Change”. Submit a photo/video/statement to the Day of Action portal and share on social media using #ClimateWomenSpeak
  • Write a statement or film a short video about the climate harms in your life and community, and/or solutions you or your community/organization are offering. We also welcome your messages and reflections on why women are key to climate solutions and need to be upfront at the UN COP21 negotiations. Submit to the Day of Action portal and share on social media using #ClimateWomenSpeak
  • Organize a sit-in, march, demonstration, protest, educational event, or art display. Submit a photo/video/statement to the Day of Action portal and share on social media using #ClimateWomenSpeak
  • Work in your community, such as putting in a community garden, installing a solar panel, or planting trees. Submit a photo/video/statement to the Day of Action portal and share on social media using #ClimateWomenSpeak.
  • Sign the ‘Women’s Climate Declaration’ and organize to collect signatures. The collective women’s statement and signatures will be delivered to leaders at the UNFCCC COP 21 Climate Negotiations in Paris in December in conjunction with a collective signature campaign organized by GCCA- we already have an aggregate of over 6 million signatures! The Declaration is very powerful and you may want to read it out loud as part of your action on Sept. 29th. This Declaration has been signed by women worldwide including Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, Mary Robinson, Casey Camp-Horenik, Jody Williams, Patricia Gualinga, Sylvia Earle, Ted Turner and many others. Read and sign the Women's Climate Declaration (available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Arabic) here.
  • Join WECAN International at our hub event and action in New York City on Sept. 29th, more information here. We will name and honor the organization and individuals taking action worldwide on this day during the hub event. If you would like your action to be listed, please inform via emailing at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Read and share the ‘Women’s Climate Action Agenda’- a detailed analysis of why women are the most negatively impacted by climate change and environmental degradation, how women are key to solutions, and the actions that women worldwide are calling for in order to re-build a just and healthy world. There are many resources and solution examples in this document. Please download and share the Women's Climate Action Agenda here.

WECAN If you are a tweeter then here are some suggestions to bling about - WECAN are using #ClimateWomenSpeak to tie their stories together across platforms, and are also encouraging the use of #KeepItInTheGround

  • Join us as we rise up! Global #Women's #ClimateJustice Day of Action:Sept.29 @WECAN_INTL WITH MULTIMEDIA IMAGE 1,2,or3
  • #ClimateWomenSpeak: add your voice to the Sept.29 Global Women's #ClimateJustice Day of Action WITH MULTIMEDIA IMAGE 1,2,or3
  • Global Womens #ClimateJustice Day of Action. Info&submission #ClimateWomenSpeak WITH MULTIMEDIA IMAGE 1,2,or3
  • #Women are on #frontlines of #climatechange& we are rising. Join Global Womens Climate Justice Day of Action: Sept.29
  • Women protect & defend web of life! Join us as we stand for #climatejustice on Sept29: #ClimateWomenSpeak @WECAN_INTL
  • #ClimateWomenSpeak: [Insert your climate statement/demand ex 'Ban fracking', 'water is life']. Whats ur message? Join Global Women's #ClimateJustice Day of

We need every single one of us to truly seize this moment and bring women’s voices to the forefront of the climate change conversation. wecan 2 Additional Resources

  • Women’s Climate Declaration – (available in 5 languages) Please sign and help gather signatures as part of Day of Action. All signatures will be delivered to the UN in December.
  • Women Speak: Climate Justice on the Road to Paris & Beyond – Sept. 29 hub event in New York City.
  • Women’s Climate Action Agenda.
  • Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action Facebook Events Page.



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