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We have declared this week at TreeSisters to be “Wise Woman Week” in which we are actively inviting the crone archetypal energy to our organizational hearth. One of the greatest things we are learning is that we must not rush Winter. She still has deep visioning work to do. This New Moon was the last one of Winter and is a catalytic time when we are suspended between the waning energies of Winter and the waxing energies of Spring. It is a pivotal time and in our New Moon Call we explored how we can maximize the energy of this next lunar cycle by accessing the Wise Woman/Crone archetypal energy. Though we are tempted to shake off the cloak of Winter and embrace the coming Spring, the next three weeks is a time in which the most important thing we can do is truly listen to our intuitive selves and the wisdom gained in the winter months. This kind of deep listening occurs in the silence and stillness of a woman’s winter cave. This transitional time is critical for the ripening that is happening within our creative wombs. The Wise Woman archetype whispers the wisdom of being fully in the moment we are in: Winter. In honour of this liminal space, I wrote the following poem with a couple of inquiries afterwards meant to stir our imagination about what the Wise Woman archetypal energy may be whispering to us in this transitional time: Earth Stirs, But the Moon Whispers The days lengthen coldness still reigns though brave buds summon Spring and the soul reaches toward the sunlight. Earth stirs but the Moon whispers: “Don’t give in so soon. Don’t trade Winter’s wisdom before it ripens in you.” No, Stand still. Be Winter; Frozen like the solitary snow flake bedazzled by your authenticity. Stand still at Winter’s gateway of initiation and healing as you reclaim the Inner Crone in all her radiance and glory. Yes, the Wise Woman in you asks to be invited into the center of your fire where she can lead you by the hand into the light of what is yet to come if only you have the wisdom to wait a bit longer than you think you should; Confident in the middle of your dark knowing as Spring unfolds. Reclaim what has been forgotten. Carry the seeds of your dreams awhile longer in the womb center of your being. Let Winter incubate your wild if onlys in the tender embrace of these cold days that remain. The Crone beckons you to rest if you are to heal and to rebirth the self you were so many eons ago when you were forest and moonlight.
  • Imagine yourself at eighty-five years old. Look deeply into your own eyes. What is the message your wizened self has for your younger self? Listen with your intuitive ear and write down or sketch what you hear.
  • If your Crone Self were to write a letter to you what would it say? What advice would she give you?
  • In what ways can you invite the inner Crone and Wise Woman to your winter hearth over the next four weeks?
 May the Wise Woman and Crone join you in your Winter cave as you listen deeply to the wisdom that wants to become manifest in you.     Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.   


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