The Wisdom of La Luna (1st Quarter Post)



November 28, 2014 First Quarter Post Questions are like the North Star in their ability to inspire and guide our journey.  In fact, our lives are a mirror reflection of the quality of questions we ask ourselves (rather than the answers we find): What dreams and visions did you seed for this month’s adventure following the wisdom of La Luna?  What are you most longing for and in what ways can you more fully align yourself with the joy, beauty, and creativity that makes life worth living?   Those questions were the bonfire that lit the New Moon’s dark sky for me this month as I embarked on a journey following the creative energy of the lunar month.  Last weekend I journaled about my intentions for the month and identified four particular things I wanted to seed and nurture over the unfolding month and then put that list somewhere I would see it often. The entire week was an exquisite foray into the nature of “seeding” as opposed to “making plans and taking action.”  When we plant a seed in the rich moist soil the Earth gently contains and holds the seed until the conditions are right for its unfolding and the time is ripe for its growth. And so the first week of lunar wisdom teaches us the art of honoring, containing, and holding our dreams in dark stillness.  It is not yet time for creating plans and strategies.  We learn to wait, vision, and dream. Until the Moon begins to wax.  In Nature, fruit, seeds and foliage develop under a waxing Moon.  Why would our dreams, goals and visions be any different?  Like a pregnant woman, for the two weeks between the New and Full Moon we are gestating our intentions.  We can feel them coming to life and moving within our psychic womb. These intentions directly influence our choices and decisions because we are focused on nurturing them to fullness, but it is primarily a time of intense inner activity that will eventually organically unfold in our outer world. The seeds of intention we planted are taking shape and form, but they have not yet emerged into the world.  I refer to what we do during this phase of psychic pregnancy as “presencing.” During this week’s 1st Quarter Moon phase, our role is be the container in which our dreams are nurtured, fed, loved, and protected.  We trust what is stirring in the soil’s darkness and that our intentions are growing beneath ground during this phase of the Moon. As this week (and the Moon) waxes toward full, we will gently shift our attention from containment and nurturing to the growth and development of what we seeded at New Moon.   The closer we come to the Full Moon the more we will see those dreams shoot above ground level and into full sunlight (which is the subject of next week’s La Luna post). After posting the first in this series last week, I had two women share that for the first time in years, this month their menstrual cycle was in alignment with the Moon (meaning they started bleeding during the New Moon and will ovulate during the Full Moon).  I got so excited for them because their physical bodies and creative energies are in total alignment with the wisdom of La Luna.  They will experience in their bodies what I am invoking in my soul. I personally believe all women are meant to live and embody the wisdom of Nature, especially the Moon.  TreeSisters (as an organization committed to following the wisdom of living systems) believes this as well, which is why we are thrilled to be offering our new course Earthing the Moon.    We want to create a container in which we – together as a sisterhood - can seed and nurture our most authentic and aligned selves in service of Life. If the idea of following the wisdom of La Luna has captured your imagination, then Earthing the Moon will deepen and expand that journey.  At 2:00 pm EST on Monday, December 1st, we are hosting a free Earthing the Moon telesummit (registration is here) This free call is perfectly timed to harness the waxing energy of the Moon as it moves toward full (on the 6th).  So if you want to infuse the coming week with the creative energies inherent within our bodies and within Nature, join us on Monday for an intimate and inspiring exploration into what it means to be a woman fully aligned with oneself, the sisterhood, and Nature.   Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.   


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