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Guest post by Nicole Schwab, Author of The Heart of the Labyrinth The Heart of the Labyrinth_cover_front_72 Three years ago, I walked into a gathering of women working on sustainability and sat down on the last empty chair in the room, right next to Clare Dakin. I could never have imagined how deeply my life would henceforth be transformed. TreeSisters spoke to me immediately. She struck the deepest chords of my being, laying out a vision for how everything I held dear could be brought together into a coherent whole. I suddenly understood how external gender inequities were merely a symptom of our inner downgrading and dismissal of everything feminine. How this had led not only to the abuse and domination of women’s bodies, but equally, to the abuse and domination of our planet, the ultimate source of life. I also immediately felt that playing safe was no longer an option. It was time to have the courage to be vulnerable. To face and work through our subtle conditioning around what it means to be a woman. Time to bring a halt to the suppression of our wild creative natures. To honor our deepest longing for connection. To rekindle the embers of the sacred feminine in all its strength and untamable beauty. And most importantly, it was time to get back down from lofty transcendent realms into our earthy bodies, to feel, and experience a direct connection with all of Life. As painful as it was. As ecstatically liberating. It has been an amazing journey, spurred on by the courage of so many sisters walking alongside me. I have been challenged, the patterns of the past rising in an attempt to slam things back into their “proper” place. And I have been discouraged, by reading the news or gazing at the real-time global maps of deforestation. And yet, I know that a different future is possible. It will rise from within, through our passion, our sisterhood, our love and care for our sacred world. The Heart of the Labyrinth is a story I dedicate to all of us on this journey. A tale of longing and coming into wholeness. An impassioned plea for all to look into the scariest depths of our minds, reclaim our connection to the sacred feminine, and consciously craft the world we really want: “They say that she who has rested in the heart of the Great Labyrinth is forever changed, henceforth walking in the footsteps of the great Priestesses of times long past. They say that she who has courageously followed the tortuous path into the darkest corners of her mind, and found her way out by the light of her inner clarity, brings back the map to the journey of transformation. They say that when we find ourselves clinging to the illusion of separation, indulging in the fleeting yet tenacious belief that we are not good enough, we may call on Her to compassionately hold us as we cry. She is there to remind us of the perfection of our human imperfection in this dynamic dance called Life, until we become aware of Her grander presence and feel the arms of Gaia holding us in the ultimate embrace of unconditional Love. And when we doubt the power of our mind, She is there to show us what is at stake, and what is possible. To remind us that we are the masters of our reality. That whatever we focus our thoughts, our words, our feelings and our actions on, we bring into form. That we have the capacity to manifest a beautiful vision of life on Earth, of harmony restored, if we change the field of our collective beliefs and steer our course along the narrow trail leading up into the pure hills. They say the time may come when Gaia will rise from the sacrificial stone borne of our pain and our confusion, walk towards us and take our hands as we consciously choose a different future. And all it will take, is for us to change the beliefs we hold. About who and what we really are.” With love and blessings.   20140910_5d3_07665-coul2Nicole Schwab is a Swiss social entrepreneur and author of The Heart of the Labyrinth ( She has been volunteering part-time for TreeSisters over the last two years, providing support on financial management and the development of the Reforestation Strategy. She will offset the CO2 emissions arising from the production of her books by donating a corresponding part of the proceeds to TreeSisters.  


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