The Seed is in the Flower

Círculo de Soñadoras is a daring adventure taken by seven women from different parts of the world who have come together to seed, germinate and cultivate women’s dreams in South America. TreeSisters is pleased to highlight their project via this guest blog which explains their vision even as it inspires and invites us all into our deepest dreams for womanhood. Círculo de Soñadoras: Cultivating the Power of Women’s Dreams img_1875

“Some say that the best thing one can do for humanity is to cultivate the power of dreams.”

-Instituto Elos

Dreams are the expression of the best and deepest aspirations in us all. But in some bizarre twist of fate, they are hidden in the deep recesses of our minds, trapped behind fears, perceived constraints, or societal conditioning. For the majority of the beautifully complicated human race, and especially for us women, dreams are sometimes considered as unattainable, beyond the bounds of possibility, even foolish – saved only for the moments of the day (if we allow ourselves to have them) when we need to escape reality and imagine our best of worlds, where the impossible becomes possible. But what if this world we only experience with our imagination becomes our reality? img_16981 The Seed January 2014, Santos, Brazil – It was a bright, summery day the morning we arrived in Santos. The taxi dropped us off at our new home for the next 32 days, where we were greeted by a sign that read “BEM VINDOS – Welcome: Today we will create the best of worlds starting now. We’re so glad you came!” We found ourselves among 80 unfamiliar faces from different parts of the world: it was our first day at Warriors Without Weapons, a once-in-a-lifetime experience of personal and community transformation, a journey that would take us deep into the land, its people, the communities, and ourselves. During the Warriors Without Weapons program we were trained in the Elos Philosophy and the Oasis Game: a 7-discipline process, which supports the mobilization of communities to turn their collective dreams into reality in a short period of time. In the first week, we entered into marginalized communities of Santos blindfolded, in a silent exercise to experience the “Appreciative Gaze”, one that sees with the heart – not with judgmental eyes. After three weeks, we were drenched in sweat with paint, soil and cement under our nails, surrounded by men and women joining us in building the dream of their community: playgrounds, community centers and women’s cooperatives. We did create the best of worlds. And by the end of it all, amongst celebratory hugs and tears, and after witnessing the striking shift in the locals (and in us) when they materialized dreams in just a few days, we arrived to a deep understanding: dreams are the biggest impulse for change. From this experience Círculo de Soñadoras (Circle of Women Dreamers) was born. img_2061 The Flower Who are we? We are seven women representing 7 different parts of the Earth: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Lebanon, and Peru. Inspired and transformed by our shared experience in Warriors Without Weapons, and guided by our own personal dream, we embarked on a journey across South America to inspire and embolden women and girls, through cultivating the power of their dreams and aspirations. Círculo de Soñadoras aims to build a movement of reconnecting to dreams as a vehicle for women’s empowerment. We have realized that hosting time and space for women to share their sueños through stories of inspiration and inter-generational mentorship is key to empowering the next generation of women to shape actionable dreams, build resilience through entrepreneurial skills, and thrive in their communities, wherever they are. Our team of seven women brings together talents in Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming, Dance Therapy, Dances of Universal Peace, Non-violent Communication and Systems-Theory to complement and nurture the aspirations of the women we encounter and to cultivate their creative feminine potential. Our vision is for women to be dreamers and achievers, tapping into their inner power and realizing their potential, in order to change their environments, their societies, and the world. Círculo de Soñadoras acts as a dream catalyst – spreading the power of dreams from woman to woman, from community to community, from country to country and from heart to heart. We believe that cultivating the dreams of more soñadoras is a powerful way to build the best of worlds. CirculodeSonadoras_Team Will you join us in realizing this dream? On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our Blog.


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