What can I do?

TreeSisters is about following what calls to you – finding ways to do more of what you love to help grow the network and raise funds for women and trees – and discovering what you are capable of when you let nature, your own feminine nature and the support of other women flood in and fill you.

There are five gateways in the TreeSisters Map of choices – one or more of them will speak to you.

Listen here for an introduction.

The Map of 5 choices Expressed in Action

Gateway map of 5 choices
TreeSisters is an invitation to bring the natural world more deeply into your life, to bring your own femininity forward in ways that nourish you, to touch your own courage and offer yourself in ways that work to protect our world and bring Mother Nature back to the centre of our lives.


Think yummy, fun, together, surprising, relaxing, inspirational, outrageous, glorious, intimate and practical. Remember it’s an experiment, you can’t fail.

What Can I Do?

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Right now

In a short break

With my friends

With my kids

In my community

As a man

Join our global calls


Whatever you try – please let us know!

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Your experience will inspire other TreeSisters.

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