Thank you so much for Donating to TreeSisters!

This 3 minute film from our successful October crowdfunding the campaign, explains WHY it makes sense to give to TreeSisters and what you are helping to build.


We have 92,460 trees funded so far…. ! 

Right now, you are helping to birth a global movement – helping us to take this mission to scale. You are funding both women and trees and adding your energy to a dream that who’s time has come.


Over the next 6 months (until September 2016) we are in a massive developmental phase.

We are building an all new community web site, developing our portfolio of tropical reforestation initiatives, creating new tree campaign tools and TreeSister group materials, new on-line courses – everything that’s needed to launch in the Spring with the clarity, congruence and content needed to deliver both sides of our mission and go to scale fast.

During this time – your donation will fund all of the above AND tropical tree planting in India. We are fundraising in earnest to cover our developmental costs so that we can deliver a higher and higher percentage of your donation to the trees. We calculate tree funding every three months and let you know immediately how much is being planted.

We are aiming for an 80/20 split – women/trees.

Meanwhile – you are funding something beautiful, soulful, worthwhile and needed. Please step in now when we need you the most and become a Leaf, Branch or Root in our Giving Tree (see below for how your donation gifts you – and for different ways to make payments). As a donor, we will send you a full campaign update and invite you to attend a seasonal donor network call every Solstice and Equinox.

We are still growing from seed to sapling. To read more about our achievements, you can see our last Annual Report.

To stay up to date with progress, please subscribe to our blog.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

The TreeSisters team – Clare, Edveeje, Sophie, and Kalyani


The Giving TreeDSC01368

Leaves gift £$10/month or more and receive all our updates, be able to participate in community films and free workshops for our donors.

Branches gift £$100/month and will receive all of the above including free courses and events.

Roots gift £$1K/month – we are growing a circle of roots – visionary catalysts who water the organisation – 100% of these donations go to organisational development and core costs, ultimately enabling Leaves and Branches to fund the trees.

Roots receive all of the above including free access to all courses and events, quarterly 2.5 hour personal map sessions with Clare, personal purpose sessions, access to team retreats and an apple tree planted in your name. To explore this, please contact


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