Eden Projects in Madagascar

Manifesting Miracles in Madagascar with Eden Projects

Eden have just passed their 100 millionth tree. They have huge vision, determination and gutsy, experimental audacity threaded through with heart and soul. For them it's not just trees - it's people, communities, mothers and children, heath care and education. They change lives and they think big. We're right behind them.

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Planting Mangroves

Eden 28Eden plant dry deciduous forest to counteract the charcoal stripping of the Madagascan interior, and mangrove forests to restore the coastal estuaries. They predict that it will take roughly 11 billion mangroves to do what's needed. Right now they are replenishing the enormous Malagasy mangrove forests at a rate of approx 1.4 Million trees/month.


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Mangroves grow in the saline coastal habitats of the tropics and subtropics. They are powerful carbon sequesters, soil stabilizers and tidal buffer zones as sea levels rise and storms intensify, causing yet more precious top soil to erode into the oceans. These 'sea trees' also provide nursery habitat for countess species of fish that provide income and food for the desperately poor communities that Eden serve.




Eden women

Freeing the enslaved

Eden 11In Madagascar whole villages are enslaved to the fish barons – boat and net owners who loan out their vessels for a specific yield, which if not met places their fishermen and women in debt – permanently. Enslavement comes with its various horrors, including giving children into slavery and much worse for the women.


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Eden go in, work with the community and start to employ them to grow and plant saplings on very large tracts of land. 60%-70% of their workers are women who get out of debt, get their kids into school with many starting their own micro-enterprises as well. Eden literally turn the enslaved into the foresters of our world, whole villages at a time.


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