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The soul of TreeSisters is deeply co-creative and collaborative, and our partnerships have many forms and faces. Our orientation is to serve collective growth and increased coherence around our shared mission. From our Core Partners to the TreeTeam, from our many Water Carriers to our Soul Seeders; we explore how generosity and the alchemy of our gifts and experience can weave greater good for each other and the trees.

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Our WaterCarriers

Water Carriers are the many of you who give of yourselves by fundraising in so many creative ways, through events you host, art and jewellery you sell, proportions of your merchandise or book sales, percentages of your business profits, or through gifts, grants and sponsorship you provide. Your title reflects those who carry water great distances on their head to nourish their families. Here, you offer your gifts to water the tree of TreeSisters directly, with all our gratitude.  


Are you interested in becoming a Water Carrier?

Go here to learn more.


mary-reynolds-thompsonMary Reynolds Thompson

Mary is passionate about the vision of TreeSisters, which connects the dots between women's empowerment and the healing of the planet. When you purchase a copy of Reclaiming the Wild Soul through the White Cloud Press you'll find a coupon. Enter TREESISTERS (all CAPS) and $1 of every book you buy will be donated to TreeSisters. To purchase your copy and to donate to TreeSisters go to:www.whitecloudpress.com To those living outside of the US, the book is available on Amazon.


Mary is an award-winning writer, eco coach, and facilitator of poetry and journal therapy who teaches and speaks internationally about the transformative power of earth's landscapes. Founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story, Mary is also a TreeSisters instructor and originator of the A Wild Soul Woman course. Her latest book Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness (a 2015 Nautilus Award Winner) takes readers on a journey into the great landscapes of deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains, and grasslands as aspects of their deeper, wiser, wilder selves. There, where the inner and outer worlds meet, we discover a path of personal transformation aligned with the healing of the wild Earth.


To find out more about Mary visit: www.maryreynoldsthompson.com


nicole bio picNicole Schwaub


Nicole is author of The Heart of the Labyrinth (http://nicoleschwab.com/books), the story of a young woman who goes to the Andes in search of her lost connection with Mother Earth. Part spiritual parable, part initiatory adventure, the book invites us into a world that values and honors the sacred feminine and is rooted in our connection to the Earth as a living being.


Facilitator and social entrepreneur, Nicole co-founded a number of non-profit organisations active in the environmental and gender fields, including EDGE Certified Foundation, a global label certifying organizations for closing the gender gap in the workplace. She blogs on the nature of reality at: http://nicoleschwab.com


Nicole is offsetting the CO2 emissions generated in the production of her books by donating a portion of the profits to TreeSisters.

The Nature Process Logo300The Nature Process

The Nature Process® is a simple way of deepening your connection to nature by being in the body and experiencing nature through the senses so that you can reduce stress and improve your well-being.


The program first launched in 2014 and then again in 2015 with 100% of the proceeds going to support TreeSister's mission. With hundreds of participants from over 13 countries around the world, nearly £16,000 ($22,000) was raised to support TreeSisters and 2140 trees were planted.


The Nature Process now offers a range of online courses via their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thenatureprocess) and trains people to become The Nature Process Facilitators and Coaches.


The Nature Process (2nd Edition) was published in January 2017. For every copy sold, five trees will be planted in Madagascar to help restore the mangrove forests through our partnership with TreeSisters.


You can buy a copy of the book at Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nature-Process-2nd-Potential-Well-Being/dp/099569446X)


For more information about The Nature Process and to receive a complimentary guided exercise, go to www.thenatureprocess.co

pollyannaPollyanna Darling


Heartwood is a full colour, illustrated first chapter book for children aged between 4 and 9 years old. Heartwood is a magical story set in an ancient forest, Heartwood is a beautiful introduction to reading independently. Heartwood Is a story of hope, our connection to the natural world and the joy that comes from following the truth in our hearts. Of course it is also a lovely story to read to a younger child.

Buried in the human heart is a deep love and appreciation of the natural world, of which we are an integral part. Awakening that love and appreciation is the key to moving forward in a way that supports all life. Heartwood is about the love in the heart of a perfectly ordinary man and a group of forest creatures who help him to discover it.

Pollyanna is giving 10% of her profits to TreeSisters 'because She has my heart and I love that a story can plant trees'.

Visit her at: http://www.pollyannadarling.com/my-books/heartwood/

Marilyn Steele Bio picMarilyn Steele, Ph.D


A Jungian psychologist, author, shamanic dreamer, and mentor to PrimeTime (50+) women, Marilyn is passionate about helping women connect to their wild and sacred feminine power, wisdom and creativity to come alive to their new stories, and home to their wild, wise selves.


For each sale of her memoir, The Wild Feminine: Stories to Inspire and Embolden (available on Amazon or her website) or a deck of Wild Cards, Marilyn is donating a portion of sales to TreeSisters. Her book interweaves personal, cultural and archetypal stories of an awakening feminine consciousness on a sacred spiral path to reclaiming the power, magic, voice and creativity of the Wild Feminine. The deck of Wild Cards contains soulful poetry quotations and a booklet. It calls women to their brilliance and their essential role as "wild cards" in birthing the emerging new story for the planet. A second book, The Way of the Wild Feminine: New Story of Self, New Map for the World is forthcoming. A sacred ecology of self becomes an ecology of leadership, with women's stories and the Wild and Sacred Feminine at its heart.


You can learn more about Marilyn's work through Primetime (50+) Women's Revival, a teaching and consulting business for women creatives, visionary entrepreneurs and transformational leaders. Go to: www.thewildfeminine.com

Candia 2014Candia Lea Cole

Candia Lea Cole is an eco-visionary, artist, poet, nutritional alchemist, whole foods cookbook author, nature intuitive, and the creator of the Bring Back The Earth!, an Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training . Her mission is to "bring back" Mother Earth's lost feminine wisdom for living well in today's eco-challenged times and support women in awakening their innate eco-intelligence, so they can create the "eco-intelligent" life they were born to live.


 While embarking on a self healing journey, Candia discovered the connection between her personal health challenges, and the health challenges impacting the natural world. She changed her lifestyle and adopted a healing diet that was kind to her body as well as the Earth, --including its trees, and all life forms!


The wisdom she gained on her journey now offers to benefit you! Her Eco-Mentor Activist Training introduces you to the six ingredients of eco-intelligent living that she unearthed on her journey, which offer to support YOU in becoming a feminine Eco-Mentor in your own home and community!


Candia will be donating 25 percent of the proceeds from her trainings, to TreeSisters.


Click here, to visit Candia's website: www.eco-mentor.com or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Caroline Cummings

Caroline Cummings

A passionate TreeSister, Caroline is also an author, speaker, intuitive coach, and holistic therapist with 14 years of experience. She inspires and empowers women from all walks of life to live with an open heart and be love in action for themselves, others, and the world.


Often described as a ''healer of the heart'', her sacred feminine medicine helps women live their inspiration, strength and grace in vulnerability, courage, compassion, unconditional love, aliveness, intuition/the magical unseen/faith, and the knowing of themselves as the natural world of which they are a part. The Love of One: A Memoir of the Creative Power that Weaved a Miracle, is her debut book, available on Amazon and all online platforms or via her publisher's author page at Six Degrees Publishing.


For more information about Caroline's mentoring programs, popular newsletters,and free gift "Walking with Heart", visit www.ccumming.com.



Vacation with Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. Vacation with soul.

In a busy world like ours, we have forgotten where we come from and how deeply our human roots intertwine with nature and Earth. Over the last ten years Indigourlaub has specialized in holidays with Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Ayurveda programs which connect us more fully with ourselves and Nature.


The question at the heart of Indigourlaub is how tourism can be based upon ethical conduct, respect of the environment, and the active restoration of harmony, well-being and the rebalancing of the world.


For more information about the Indigourlaub holiday programs: www.indigourlaub.com/en

SjanieandAlex 1b2

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Alexandra is a global leader in the women's menstrual movement and is a leadership coach and facilitator, with a background in education and psychotherapy. She is the author of The Wild Genie, The Woman's Quest, and The Pill: Are You Sure it is For You?


Red School co-founders, Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope are both published authors, teachers, and therapists who draw on 40 years of collective experience pioneering this emerging field of menstruality.


Red School teaches a radical new approach to woman's health and wellbeing; creativity and leadership; and spiritual life based on the power of our menstruality consciousness. Red School offers workshops, online courses, training and coaching based on the power of the menstrual cycle, and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.


For more information: http://www.redschool.net/



TreeGirl has intertwined in the nude with over 70 species of trees in 13 countries, to date. Using a remote control and tripod, she travels around the world to learn from the forests first hand, and photograph herself, and other women, in intimate connection with the trees of the world. She is certified as an arborist and naturalist, and is a conservation educator, wilderness guide and forest ecotherapist.


Her book, TreeGirl: Intimate Encounters with Wild Nature, weaving her photography with natural history, ethnobotany, ecopsychology, and personal stories of her tree encounters, is an invitation for everyone to cultivate their own intimate relationship with wild nature. View her gallery of photographs, portrait session offerings and calendar of You Are Nature! You Are Beautiful! Women's Tree Retreats at http://www.treegirl.org.


10% of the funds raised from her autumn Indiegogo Book Campaign will be donated to TreeSisters. Pre-order the book to be released in January, 2017.

For more information and to preorder the book, please visit the Indiegogo Campaign at: http://igg.me/at/TreeGirlBook


Gloria Gypsy, daughter of the Earth

Gloria believes recognition of our spiritual connection to nature is vital to the well-being of ourselves and the planet. Knowing and honoring the sacredness of Earth and the life she supports helps us acknowledge our own place within the living eco-systems of the planet.


When we do this we can experience a deep sense of belonging that comes from embracing the interdependence of all life. I see caring for and respect for our Mother Earth, who provides life and nourishment, as Sacred.


She invites you to journey through a process of self discovery transforming both our view of the world, and our own unique capacity to thrive within it. Sacred Self, Sacred Earth explores ways of nurturing relationship to self, relationship to other, relationship to all life on earth. Sacred Self, Sacred Earth is a 5 week online journey for men and women.


Website - http://www.gypsygrovearts.com


Julia Weaver's Art & Soul

Using her Mandala "Transformation" Julia has created a greeting card benefit for Treesisters. For every card sold, Treesisters receives $2.50. There are also prints of Transformation available (and all profits go to Treesisters) – these are limited edition, museum quality giclee prints – available in 2 sizes: 20.5 inches square for $230 (Treesisters gets $115) and 16 inches square for $195 (Treesisters gets $97.50). To order, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Julia's ongoing monthly workshop series, Devotion to the Ocean, Awaken, Embody, and Illuminate Our Oceanic Self, is also a benefit for Treesisters. For more information about this click here.


Since 1996, Julia Weaver (MFT, BFA) has been an Environmental Arts Educator, facilitating rite-of-passage ceremonies that combine sacred intention and the Mandala Process with gardens, rituals, collages, and tree planting. These ceremonies promote community re-vitalization, ecological healing and world peace. She is also a licensed psychotherapist in private practice with 30 years of experience, incorporating embodied spiritual psychotherapy with many somatic and movement modalities of inquiry.


Mandala Gallery - http://www.mandalaweaver.com/gallery.html
Workshops and Webinars - http://www.juliamandalaweaver.com/



JoanneDrumsJoAnne Parker

JoAnne came to drumming and drummaking about ten years ago. She was called to make a drum as part of her healing process and this led to her hosting drummaking workshops and making drums for other women who could not attend her local classes. JoAnne has a passion for drums, women and trees feeling that there is a power and energy in them that can heal the world.

She also facilitates intuitive art classes and drum circles. Everything she does is from a grassroots and humble center which has helped her heal her heart. Her drums help other sisters heal their hearts as well.

She donates a portion of her proceeds to TreeSisters. You can visit her on her Facebook page at: JoTree's Heart and Soul Drums and Art

charaArmonChara Armon, Ph.D


Chara is a TreeSisters' partner who is a thought leader, partner with the Earth, teacher, writer, historian, mother, wife, and ecological activist who is passionate about the TreeSisters' mission. She is the visionary behind The Healing Earth, Healing Self Telesummit which offered more than 20 expert speakers who addressed how our wellness and the Earth's are inter-linked.


Deep Healing Autoimmunity: How to Discover Your Inner Healer and Your Offering to the World. (A paid course with a tithe to go to TreeSisters)


Are you one of the millions who deal with an autoimmune or immune disorder? Do you ever wonder if your body is trying to get your attention, and why? Have you ever felt a connection between your illness and not following your life purpose? There's a healing path still available to you, charted in bits and pieces by experts in both healthcare & spirituality, & woven together here in a course that is your guide to purpose & wellness.


Click Here to Read More and to Register - http://www.healingearthself.com/deephealingautoimmunity/


 nancymillsangelwings - sacredscarvesNancy Mills


We are partnering with Nancy Mills, Founder of a soul sister organization, Spirited Woman to create a special offering for treesisters around the world. The Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves began three years ago and since then 100s of women worldwide have come together through scarf and ceremony and purchased more than 1,400 scarves!


The Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf is a symbol of spirit, empowerment and beauty – each scarf comes with a sacred scarf ritual connecting women energetically and through our collective healing powers. A portion of all scarf proceeds is donated to the Spirited Woman Foundation to help heal and support women through actions of empowerment. To date, seven non-profits have been supported – TreeSisters is #8.


For every scarf sold, TreeSisters will receive $5.00. To find out more about the other benefits that come with joining the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves. Limited quantity & time to purchase. Shipping outside the U.S. easily available.


Website- http://www.thespiritedwoman.com/
Spirited Woman Prayer Scarves - http://www.thespiritedwoman.com/prayer_scarf/

 joeycolourJoey Walters


This past Spring Joey created and hosted A Call to Stand, an on-line program and spiritual journey into the heart of feminine leadership and how to catalyze deep and lasting change by offering our gifts as women.


Joey wanted her program to benefit the planet and asked if she could partner with us. By bringing forth her gifts and catalyzing a bonfire of talented and passionate women, Joey raised $4,500.00 for TreeSisters.


To learn more about it go to: http://acalltostand.net/2014/



Treechild is currently the land steward for the lands of Honour The Earth in Nova Scotia. She has been creating space for women to connect with the wilderness since 1996.


Having received the teachings of Reiki in The Usui system in 1982 and become a Reiki Master through the direct lineage, initiated by Phyllis Furumoto in 1985, she teaches Reiki Healing and offers We Are Precious Workshops.


Earthsong Reiki Workshop:
Free Introduction: November 1: 1:00 EST Reiki Level I Class: November 8-22, Tuesdays: 1-4 EST


October 12: Free Introductory We Are Precious Session, October 12th, 1:00 EST
We Are Precious workshop: October 19-November 23, Wednesdays, 1 – 3pm EST


Treechild will be gifting 25% of the proceeds from these workshops and all Astrology readings in April for Earth Day in service to Treesisters.





Core Partners

Our core partners are the networks and organisations who are also standing for the normalization of giving back to nature through ecological forest restoration and the rise of feminine leadership. Partnerships are vibrant explorations and of variable depths. We seek co-creative and collaborative relationships that build strength through unity, generosity and audacity - celebrating the gifts and experience that we both bring to the table, and then pooling them to become the more that is possible and needed.

To explore a Core Partner relationship with us, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Red-Tent-Logo-compRed Tent Australia is a non-profit organisation with the aim to connect, collaborate and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment. They establish community networks and support for women by hosting local gatherings and events in what they call "Red Tents". Their goal is to connect women with their natural wisdom in all areas of their lives, to initiate and increase their healing. They will be running regular women's circles to connect with nature and their inner wildness. Their "TreeSisters' Inner Wild Circles" include acknowledging and respecting Elders and Ancestors, learning traditional women's skills and knowledge, sharing in song, rhythm and movement and sharing in healing (reiki, meditations, yoga). 100% of the profits of their "TreeSisters' Inner Wild Circles" goes towards TreeSisters. You can find out more about them here: www.redtentaustralia.org or on our Facebook site: https://web.facebook.com/redtentaustralia/


The Soul Seeders

The Heart and soul of TreeSisters expresses herself through so many of us as we find creative ways of spreading the word and growing the network together. Our Soul Seeders are bloggers, writers, interviewers, podcasters, filmmakers, book publishers, social media mistresses and connectors, tweeters and singers, leaflet blingers, public speakers, artists and teachers - you call and call for those who are ready to live... and you spread the word to those who would join the global TreeSisters network.

This section coming soon.



TeamTree are those who we are directly funding as our reforestation beneficiaries, and those we are partnering with on all fronts of the reforestation, climate change and green revolution. As we gather momentum around a shared vision of collective responsibility for our global forests, we call for those who wish to co-create, collaborate, break down the silos to unite with us around the trees. To explore becoming a TeamTree partner, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Project Greenhands logo

Project Greenhands

Project GreenHands was created to unite an entire state around spiraling desertification in Tamil Nadu, where many major rivers have already dried up and agricultural failure is peaking as drought hits hard. We are supporting agro-forestry practices that transform lives and landscapes through intercropping to reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, biodiversity and ground water retention while providing income that reduces malnutrition and risk of farmer suicide.


Please visit them at: http://www.projectgreenhands.org/home

Eden Projects Logo

Eden Projects

Eden Projects are supporting whole villages to get out of debt and in many cases 'Fish Baron' slavery, by employing them to reforest their land and restore their major estuaries. Though this partnership, we fund mangrove forest regeneration to help these communities rebuild their coastal ecology - providing nurseries for vital dwindling fish stocks, stabilizing soil and providing buffering for rising sea levels and storms.

Please visit them at: http://www.edenprojects.org/

ITF logo

International Tree Foundation

Kenya has one of the lowest levels of green cover in Africa at just 7%, which makes water scarcity a national problem. We are supporting the International Tree Foundation's 20 Million Tree Campaign to work with farmers, women and school children to reforest the south eastern slope of Mt Kenya, to restore the water catchment areas and gather communities around the rehabilitation of both their forest and their agricultural lands.


Please visit them at: http://internationaltreefoundation.org/

We Forest Logo


Through WeForest, we fund local communities to grow and plant forest corridors that reconnect two major conservation reserves within the fragmented remains of the Atlantic Rainforest. In some areas, only 3% of the forest remains, yet despite the destruction, this remains one of the most biodiverse regions on earth. This project directly supports the migration and protection of endangered species and offers huge potential in terms of carbon sequestration while helping women make a difference ecologically and economically.


Please visit them at: http://www.weforest.org/




TreeSisters is a twin tree – part feminine empowerment and part reforestation.

Our unique feminine approach is based upon the understanding that we need to become deeply connected to the natural world through the nature of our own bodies, before we will shift our behaviours to respect and protect the world of which we are a part.


Become a Monthly Member!

Discover yourself within a sisterhood committed to the restoration of our forests and the reclamation of our full feminine selves.




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