Exploring The Map of 5 Choices

The Map of 5 Choices (1)

The Map of 5 Choices is a powerful intuitive tool for exploring your relationship to TreeSisters.

TreeSisters are doing map sessions via Skype and conference calls to groups around the world who want the embodiment of the map to help them get more deeply connected to the spirit of TreeSisters.

If you have a group that would like to have a shared session exploring our framework of change, then get in touch at info@treesisters.org

Here are the questions embedded in the Map:

Consideration: how can you get more real about climate change, or more in the know about our world?

Encouragement: how do we get together, grow the network and inspire change in ways that bring joy and pleasure?

Intimacy: what can you do to nourish, nurture and heal yourself that deepens your connection to your body, to spirit and to the natural world.

Responsibility: how could you immediately step into a more respectful relationship with the planet? What actions, large or small, could you begin taking right now?

Courage: what gifts, talents and abilities are within you waiting for an excuse to shine? In what ways could you take leadership, step up and out, offer creativity, audaciousness or inspiration to yourself and others?

The Shadow Map

shadow map

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