Our Groves (local chapters or circles) are groups of women gathering together to deepen around any aspect of our mission - personal empowerment and rewilding, collective growth in sisterhood, audacious enterprises around fundraising, tree planting, awareness raising - whatever brings you joy through togetherness. This form enables you to place your Grove on the map. 

We are in the process of crafting a potent body of offerings to support you in the creation of your Grove that we will be bringing to life over the next month. Meanwhile, as you let your creativity and your hopes start to whisper to you, do note down every creative thought so that you can share them with us and help co-create the most beautiful, soulful, practical and joyful expression of what a Grove can be.

Your grove can be open or closed, which means yes to new women finding you, or not.

If you select "open", your email will be public.

Please note that once you submit your form it will go through moderation and will not show up on the map itself until a team member has been able to process it.




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